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Quality education is a necessity. Our students deserve the best, and we must prioritize their future. The pandemic has dealt a major blow to our public education system, which is in need of federal support now more than ever. I support investment in public education with an emphasis on teacher recruitment and retention; mental health services and social-emotional support for students, teachers, and school leaders; the continued expansion of early childhood education; expansion of vocational education and training; and making college more affordable for all.  


As your representative I will work to create economic opportunities that strengthen the middle class and lift those who are struggling out of poverty. Families in our region must have access to good-paying jobs that will sustain them, even as the cost-of-living increases. By supporting regional employers and entrepreneurs we can work to ensure that our region remains competitive and opportunities for advancement are within reach.


To promote regional resilience, we must combat climate change to reduce drought and rising temperatures, improve forest management practices and federal environmental laws to protect people and their homes as well forest ecology, increase funding for utilities to upgrade infrastructure, and hold private corporations accountable for failures to protect private property and public safety.



The cost of housing is a challenge for many in our region. I will prioritize making home ownership a reality for middle-class people by supporting investments in programs that help first-time home buyers and policies that reduce foreclosures. It’s imperative that we secure resources to build affordable housing. Homelessness has dramatically increased in our region in recent years, and we must secure resources to combat this issue.


Women's rights are human rights, and the reproductive rights of women across this country must be defended. I will work tirelessly to protect a woman's right to choose as well as a health care provider’s ability to provide abortion services. In the last decade we’ve made tremendous strides toward improving healthcare in this country. However, more work must be done. I will work to protect access to quality care for those who already receive it and make healthcare affordable and accessible for all. During this pandemic we’ve seen our healthcare system strained to the point of breakage. I will work to ensure we attract new people into the medical field by creating new and sustaining existing healthcare profession pipelines.